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Delay Repay

If you have been delayed on your journey with us by more than 30 minutes you can claim compensation through our Delay Repay scheme. The amount you receive will depend on the type of ticket you have and the length of time that you were delayed. We have upgraded our delay repay form so you can now choose to receive compensation in one of four ways:

  • Cheque
  • Credit/ debit card
  • National Rail Travel Voucher
  • Cash (by choosing National Rail Travel Voucher and exchanging for cash at a c2c ticket office)

You can see more information on the National Rail Conditions of Travel.

How much will I receive?

Length of Delay Delay Repay Compensation
30 to 59 minutes 50% of the cost of your single journey (or the appropriate percentage for season tickets and returns)
60 to 119 minutes 100% of the cost of your single journey (or the appropriate percentage for season tickets and returns)
120 minutes or longer 100% of the cost of your return journey if you have a return ticket (or the appropriate percentage for season tickets)

In accordance with your legal rights as a consumer you may be eligible to a different level of compensation where c2c is at fault and nothing set out above is intended to limit or exclude your legal rights in these circumstances. If you believe this applies to your journey click here for more information.

How do I claim?

To claim Delay Repay you can either: 

  • Fill out and submit the claim form at the bottom of this web page, telling us about your delayed journey and your ticket details.
  • Pick up a Delay Repay form from any of our stations and send the completed form to us at the pre-printed Freepost address.
  • Download and print a copy of the Delay Repay form here and return the completed form to c2c Customer Relations, FREEPOST ADM3968, Southend, SS1 1ZS.

You need to make the claim within 28 days of the delay, and include proof of purchase.

You might have a statutory right to receive compensation via the method you paid. Should an acceptable method not be listed then please call 03457 444 422 (option 6).

What proof of purchase do I need?

To process your claim we need to see that you have a ticket, so please attach one of the following (depending on the type of ticket you have):

Single, return or weekly ticket (not on c2c Smartcard) - attach a photo/scan of your ticket or another proof of purchase (e.g. bank statement or receipt).

Monthly or longer SeasonTicket (not on c2c Smartcard) - attach a photo/scan of your ticket

Any ticket on a c2c Smartcard - attach a photo/scan of your Smartcard

Oyster/Contactless/PAYG – attach a photo/scan of your TfL journey history printout. This can be printed from a TfL ticket machine if you have an Oyster Card, or from your TfL online account if your card/device is registered.

What if I don't have everything I need to make a claim?

Get in touch with our Customer Relations team and we'll see what we can do to help.

Automatic Delay Repay 

Did you know that if you travel using your c2c Smartcard, and you get delayed by more than 2 minutes, you are entitled to Automatic Delay Repay? It's definitely worth switching to a c2c Smartcard for. Make sure you're set up with Automatic Delay Repay today.

Manual Delay Repay Form

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Ticket details
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Journey details
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Attach a scan or photo of your ticket or proof of purchase, see above for guidance.
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