Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Best places to celebrate St Patrick’s in London

Whether you know him by St. Patrick or St. Paddy, Ireland’s world famous Patron Saint brings his ever popular day of celebrations on Sunday 15 March.

This annual occasion of merry dancing, lively singing and Guinness drinking is something we’re all familiar with. However there might be a few things going on you haven’t heard about too, so check out our list of favourite pubs and places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your pals. You’ll also save yourself 1/3 on c2c train fares if you travel in a group – giving you that little extra to make a proper day of it!

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Take to the streets and celebrate in style at an event that attracts around 125,000 people all in high spirits (and mostly green painted faces) at London’s St. Paddy’s Parade. You’ll be astounded at the pageantry, floats, marching bands and all the bells and whistles that come with this event. Not to mention the highly revered Irish Dancing Schools showing off their skills throughout. It’s an electric atmosphere you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Where: Sunday 15 March at 12pm, starting at Piccadilly and on towards Trafalgar Square.

Price: FREE

St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Immerse yourself in the St. Patrick’s Day buzz by watching performances by well-known Irish acts and artists, up and coming Irish stars and one or two special guests. The festival itself is surrounded by stalls selling crafted gifts and both traditional and modern Irish food. If it’s more of a family friendly feel you’re after there are typically free children’s workshops and entertainment on Pall Mall East.

Where: Trafalgar Square between 12pm and 6pm.

Price: FREE

The Toucan

This quirky, Guinness crazed drinking destination is an ideal place for somewhere with plenty of character. The bar stalls are big pints of the black stuff, the walls are covered in Irish paraphernalia, not to mention the cool neon lighting and larger than life sized models of the pub’s namesake animal. It’s also Jason Momoa’s favourite place to drink in London; so if it’s good enough for Aquaman, it’s good enough for us!

Where: Carlisle Street, just off Soho Square.

The Porterhouse

The first thing you’ll notice is the sheer size of the place; this multi-storey Irish pub is cleverly decorated in a way that sells itself as a quaint and traditional drinking destination. However the floor to ceiling, wall length cabinets showcasing bottled beers and ales from around the world is something to be admired. There’s also the chance of seeing live music in the basement every Sunday afternoon.

Where: Maiden Lane, Covent Garden.

The Tipperary

Argued to be the original Irish pub in London, the snug and welcoming atmosphere of The Tipperary is a great place to visit for its history alone. Which if history tells us anything, this was the first place you could buy a pint of Guinness on draught as a patron. Which isn’t a bad bit of pub trivia!

Where: Fleet Street, City of London.


A list of the best Irish places to drink wouldn’t be complete without an honourable mention of the people’s favourite; O’Neill’s. With an array of tasty and affordable drinks (not just Guinness and whiskies!) the popular pub and bar chain always host a fun filled St. Patrick’s Day. A lot of which put on something extra special, for example live music and Irish dancers, meaning you can’t go far wrong with a visit here.

Where: Soho, Carnaby Street and King’s Cross.

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