Our Passenger’s Charter is our commitment to you. It is your guide to the service that you can expect to receive when you travel with c2c, our commitments to improvement, and how we will make amends when things go wrong.

Or if you’d like us to send you one simply ring our Customer Relations team on 03457 444 422 (option 6).

Our promises to you

Our Passenger’s Charter sets out the eight promises that we make to our customers:

We will run our trains on time

We understand how important it is for you that our trains run on time, and are always working to improve punctuality. We also know how important it is that we’re honest in letting you know how we’re performing. In the past we have used the standard practice for commuter railways of reporting trains ‘on time’ if they arrive within five minutes of schedule. However, we provide a personalised report to customers registered with the c2c Train Travel app, showing the proportion of journeys you made which arrived within 60 seconds of schedule.

We will offer you the best fare available for your journey

We’re committed to selling you the right ticket for your journey at the best available price. We will make buying a ticket from us as easy as possible by providing staff or ticket machines at your stations, a clear and user-friendly ticket-buying experience that guides you to the best ticket for your journey, and by providing a similar range of tickets however you buy them, whether that’s from our ticket offices, ticket machines or online (except for promotions, special offers etc).

We will offer fair compensation if we get things wrong

We strive to deliver a service that you can rely on, but if we do let you down we will compensate you for delays. We operate a Delay Repay scheme so that you can claim compensation if you have suffered a delay of more than 15 minutes (see the Passenger’s Charter to find out the level of compensation you will be entitled to). Additionally, if you have a c2c Smartcard and are registered with the c2c Train Travel app, we will automatically compensate you for any delay longer than 2 minutes. Please see the Passenger’s Charter for the full details on these schemes.

We will be transparent

By sharing up-to-date and relevant performance information we will let you be the judge of how well we’re performing. We will publish information on our customer and passenger satisfaction results, our key performance indicators, and our service quality standard scores. This information will be published on our website, in our annual Customer Report, and on a cloud-based digital information platform.

We will make sure you can always contact a member of staff

We will make sure you can always get help at our stations through our friendly staff or through our 24 hour help points on the platforms so that you can always get through to somebody to answer your questions, queries or concerns.

We will keep you informed

We understand how frustrating it can be if you aren’t given the information you need for your journey (especially when things go wrong). We promise to always pass on journey information to customers as soon as we have it ourselves. We will broadcast this information in real-time through departure screens in stations, station and on-train announcements, the c2c Train Travel app and Twitter. We will also publish information in advance of any planned engineering work using station posters, the c2c Train Travel app, our website, direct messaging and through the National Rail website.

We will make our railway accessible to everyone

We are committed to making our services accessible to everyone and are working towards providing step-free access to every c2c platform and level access to most trains. We will provide assistance if you need help at our stations, or assistance when boarding or alighting trains, which can be booked through a dedicated phone helpline (03457 44 44 22). We have a Disabled Persons Protection Policy which sets out clearly the service that disabled customers can expect when travelling with c2c.

We will keep you safe

We will do all we can to make sure you are safe and feel secure while at our stations or on our trains and have introduced a team of accredited on-train security staff.

Conditions of Travel

In addition to our Passenger’s Charter, c2c adhere to the conditions set out in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, and Oyster Conditions of Use on National Rail Services. See the National Rail Conditions of Travel Download Oyster Conditions of Use on National Rail services

Passenger Panel

We’re always on the lookout for new passenger panel members. If you’d like to represent your area then you can get in touch with us via the form below:

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