c2c line status: Good service

Free onboard WiFi and vista entertainment

We have free WiFi at our stations and onboard our trains. You can also use our free onboard entertainment service, vista packed with shows from the likes of NOW TV and VICE, read sports, news and magazine articles, or experience edgy short films. There’s plenty to keep you entertained throughout your journey.

Connect with device

Step 1. Connect

Once onboard, connect to our "c2c Free Train WiFi".

Step 2. Register

You'll be prompted to register for WiFi if you haven't.

Step 3. Explore

Follow the vista button to get watching

This month's highlights

UKTV (dara O'Brian and more comedy gold... games, whatever you’re into there’s a great selection of content available on vista. 

Life of Kylie


Soccer AM

Jon Richardson Ultimate Worrier

Hate Thy Neighbour


Men's Health

Discover Film

News & Weather

vista facts 

  • It is totally free
  • You can use your own phone, tablet or laptop to view
  • It won't use up your c2c WiFi data allowance
  • Choose from news and sport, best of TV and popular magazines
  • You can see the full vista and WiFi FAQs here

How much free WiFi data allowance do I get onboard?

We combine 3G and 4G mobile network coverage with station wireless internet connections to keep you connected throughout your journey.
Each user is limited to using 50MB of 3G and 4G mobile network data each day. However, whenever a train is at a station, our trains connect to the station WiFi. Only when the train pulls away from the station or is in between stations will the train use 3G and 4G. Therefore our customers can typically expect to experience more than 50MB of data during their journey.

How do I access onboard WiFi?

1. Once you have boarded the train, open WiFi settings on your device
2. Ensuring your device has WiFi switched on “c2c Free Train WiFi” will appear on your available network list
3. Click on “c2c Free Train WiFi” to connect to it
4. You will be automatically directed to a quick registration page within your web browser, if this doesn’t happen, load your web browser and go to media.c2c-online.co.uk
5. If you are not already registered, register your details – it shouldn’t take more than one minute
6. Once you’ve registered and hit continue, you will be connected and can start using WiFi or vista

Why is the internet slow?

To make sure everyone can enjoy a free WiFi connection onboard, we need to have data limits in place for all users. Once you have reached your data limit, your internet speed will start to slow down. Data limits are reset overnight, every night.

Our free WiFi uses several 3G and 4G signals combined with wireless station connections, so the quality of the internet connection will vary depending on where you are along our route and how many people are using the free WiFi at any one time. If you lose your connection, we’re probably just passing through an area with weak signal. If this happens, there’s no need to reconnect - you’ll be connected again automatically once the signal improves.

But you can still access vista at any time while onboard, as content on vista does not use up your c2c WiFi data allowance.

I've lost the vista page in my web browser - how do I get back?

If you lose access to the vista homepage you can re-access by visiting media.c2c-online.co.uk

How do I report a blocked website?

If you encounter a website which has been incorrectly blocked and would like report it you can do so here: c2c-online.co.uk/travelling-with-us/on-board/report-blocked-website.

Browser not supporting all content?

If you get a notification saying “browser not supported”, check our FAQs on vista in the help section for details how to change this and a list of browers that aren't supported - or Download the vista app for easy access to all the amazing content available. You can now download the app onboard the train.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, you need to be 18 or over to register. You'll be asked to confirm this before waching age restricted content.