c2c line status: Good service

How we are performing

c2c are committed to providing you with important and up-to-date information regarding performance. The Government's official measure of rail industry punctuality is the Public Performance Measure (PPM), which calculates the number of trains that arrive within five minutes of schedule. We also publish additional information on our Right Time performance, which measures all trains that arrive within 59 seconds of schedule.

Yesterday's Performance

Performance measure Services Within 1 minute (Right Time) Within 5 minutes (PPM)
17/11/2018 285 91.23% (260)

99.30% (283)

Monthly Performance

4 Weeks Ending Within 1 minute (Right Time) Within 5 minutes (PPM)
Period Annual Average Period Annual Average
15 Sep 18 71.5% 75.4% 94.6% 94.5%
18 Aug 18 75.6% 75.6% 94.4% 94.6%
21 Jul 18 71.5% 75.8% 90.1% 94.7%
23 Jun 18 78.8% 76.2% 96.3% 95.0%
26 May 18 71.3% 76.1% 92.6% 95.0%

Within 1 minute = Right Time performance measures the percentage of trains arriving at their terminating station early or within 59 seconds of schedule.

Within 5 minutes = The Public Performance Measure is the official measure of rail punctuality used by the Department for Transport. It shows the proportion of all our services that arrive within five minutes of scheduled time, having stopped at all their booked stops, seven days a week.

You find out more information on the Network Rail Performance page and Office of Rail and Road (ORR).

Delays and keeping you informed

At c2c we pride ourselves with delivering to you the most up-to-date and important information for your journey.

We do this in several ways; from announcements on station, Twitter, the c2c Live App, the Journey Checker system and service alterations pages. With services we want to keep you on track for whatever journey you’re taking.

Find out instantly what delays may be effecting your journey by using our Journey Checker system, c2c Live app or our alert bar on our website. Journey Checker

For more information on delays and why delays occur please go to the National Rail Delays Explained page, which shows a full and comprehensive list of issues which may delay your journey. Delays Explained

How we manage disruption

The rail industry has produced a Code of Practice which sets out guidance and good practice in providing information to customers during times of disruption.

c2c make use of this as a framework for delivering timely, correct and consistent information to you during major disruption and delays to help you make well-informed travel decisions. You can read about our approach in our Local Delivery Plan for Providing Information During Disruption

How customers rate our performance

Transport Focus, the independent passenger watchdog, carry out the official survey of all rail passengers twice a year called the National Rail Passenger Survey. You can find out more on their website.

These are our scores for overall journey satisfaction and we're performing against the region average:

NRPS Wave c2c Score London and South East Average
Spring 2018 86% 74%
Autumn 2017 90% 80%
Spring 2017 89% 82%
Autumn 2016 87% 80%
Spring 2016 81% 78%

This is how we're performing against benchmarks set at the beginning of the new franchise:

How we're performing vs. Benchmark Benchmark 2017/2018 Score
Station services 76% 74%
Train Facilities 85% 82%
Customer Services 75% 67%

View c2c's latest National Rail Passengers Survey 

Find out more about Transport Focus by visiting their website

You can also view the results of our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We use our Service Quality Management System (SQMS) to conduct regular inspections across all areas of our customer service delivery. The scores from the most recent service quality inspections undertaken in the last four week period are: On Train 86%, Stations 83%.

How we deal with complaints 

Our Customer Relations team review all feedback from our passengers constantly and every month we review this feedback with the senior managers and directors to make sure that we are improving our service.

As well as collected feedback from our passengers on the telephone, email and Twitter we also meet our Passengers Panel regularly through the year. More details can be found on our Passenger Panel page.

Every train operator is monitored by the Office of Rail and Road, and from this independent data we have created a table of complaints by quarter (every three months of the year) for you to view.

Quarter/Period Complaints per 100,000 passenger journeys
Q3 2015 - 2016 30.8
Q4 2015 - 2016 39.8
Q1 2016 - 2017 29.7
Q2 2016 - 2017 31.5

Find out how we are doing against other train operators through the ORR Data Portal (The Office of Rail and Road website).

Station Information

To make sure we can help you once you’re at your departure station please check our Station opening times. Station information

How busy are the trains?

To help you find out which carriages have more space on each train we have added information using recent carriage loading data. We will refresh this data regularly to keep it up to date.

Improvement works

Engineering work is normally planned 18 months in advance with Network Rail. Our Train Planning team then have to write timetables for trains and buses to use the parts of the line that are open. Timetables are normally published 3 months in advance of the date of travel. Planned engineering and improvement works are listed on our service alterations page, located under Travel Information on our website. Service Alterations

Future Plans for your service

Every year we publish a report that details what's been happening with your rail service over the past year. It also includes our plans for the coming year and how we're performing against targets for all aspects of our service. Read our Customer Report for more.

And we have set out the promises we have made to customers about the service which you can expect to receive here.

Our new-look trains are now in service and you can read all about them here

Special Events

We sometimes introduce a special train service for major events like the West Ham United matches at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the London Marathon, the London-to-Southend cycle ride and the We Are FSTVL event at Upminster.

You can find details of these and any other amendments to our timetable on our Travel Information pages.