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Daily tickets and offers

Wondering what the right ticket is for you? We have a wide range of tickets available so you can find the best option for your journey.

Standard tickets

Simply turn up and go with one of our daily tickets which can be bought online or at the station.

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Oyster and Contactless

If you travel solely within the London Zones (1 - 6) then Oyster or Contactless travel may be the best option for you. 

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Buy online seven days or more in advance and save up to 40% on off-peak weekday return tickets.

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Senior Rover

A turn up and go off-peak weekday ticket that allows you hop on and off travel from £5 if you’re over 65.

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Travel in a group of 3-9 people aged 16 or over and save 1/3 on off-peak tickets - including weekends.

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Don’t forget with a railcard you can also save up to a third off many tickets.

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If you include local bus travel in your journey the PLUSBUS Scheme can help you save money.

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Free travel support if you’re travelling to interviews or starting a new job.

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Looking for some travel inspiration? Take a look at our
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