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New timetable 9 January 2017

On Monday 9 January 2017 we changed our services as a new timetable came into effect.

You can download a copy of the new timetable below. You can also use our handy tool to use your old journey time to to find your new journeys towards London in the morning peak.

Download new timetable (PDF)

Timetable feedback form

We’d like to hear your views about our recent timetable change and how it’s impacted your journey. Please give us your feedback via this survey which should take less than five minutes to complete.

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New timetable travel tips

Do you travel on the 07.12 from Thorpe Bay? The 07.06 service has seats available and arrives into London 21 minutes earlier. This service also calls at Thorpe Bay, Southend East, Southend Central, Westcliff and Chalkwell meaning that it's also worth considering if you usually get:

  • 07.14 from Southend East - try the 07.08 service which has seats available and arrives into London 21 minutes
  • 07.17 from Southend Central - try the 07.11 service which has seats available and arrives into London 21 minutes
  • 07.19 from Westcliff- try the 07.13 service which has seats available and arrives into London 21 minutes
  • 07.22 from Chalkwell - try the 07.16 service which has seats available and arrives into London 21 minutes

What are the key changes to the timetable?

We've outlined some of the key changes to the timetable by area below. Even if your usual train hasn't changed, we hope you should see some benefit as the improvements are felt across the whole route.

In Southend

You said your priority was faster journey times so we:

  • Created four faster trains in both AM and PM peak
  • This makes six fast trains in each peak between London and Southend

In Thurrock

You said your priority was longer trains so we:

  • Lengthened three trains in AM peak
  • Lengthened four trains in PM peak

In mid-Essex

You said your priority was having more empty seats available so we:

  • Are running Laindon starter trains at busier times and with more carriages
  • Added more carriages at Basildon, Benfleet and Pitsea

Why has the timetable changed?

The new timetable has been introduced to help improve the service in areas where changes are needed. With the addition of 24 brand new British-built carriages that have now come into service, the changes will help add 1,350 extra seats, more capacity and faster journey times.

We’ve been working hand-in-hand with passenger groups from across the c2c route to build our new timetable and improve on the key issues raised by passengers. We know that you want changes to be made and we've listened to what you wanted.

Representatives from all passenger groups have worked alongside us as we've drawn the timetable up. As a result, we have a new timetable that takes into account the top priorities made by passengers.

More info on passenger groups