c2c line status: Good service

Fleet Refurbishment

As part of a £12 million refurbishment project all of our trains are getting a makeover over the next two years, designed to give you a more comfortable travelling experience.

You will see increasing numbers of our trains with new seats, new flooring, upgraded lighting, and all in our c2c signature colours of course!

New trains

We have also expanded our fleet, with 24 brand new British built carriages that came in Autumn 2016, providing 14,000 extra seats a week in the peak, and will be expanding further with new trains rolling in to service from 2019.

c2c Metro trains

While eighty percent of our trains are keeping exactly the same seating layout as before, some carriages have been laid out a little differently. These carriages are called c2c Metro and they've been designed for to create more standing room to allow more people to be able to board our trains at our busier London stations.

Why choose a new layout for 20% of our trains?

  • They've been designed for shorter journeys to help the majority of people standing during peak times, especially on the extra busy trains running between Fenchurch Street, Upminster and Grays
  • Wider aisles and more space around the doors plus extra handles make it more comfortable when you are standing
  • Space for 150-160 more passengers on dedicated metro trains means you should be able to board the first train available

What's the purpose of c2c Metro Trains? Watch our interview with c2c Managing Director, Julian Drury