Our New May Timetable has Started

On Monday 16 May we amended our timetable to reduce the overcrowding on some of our busiest services in the short term - the first stage in a package of improvements leading to the delivery of our new carriages between October and December this year.

Some evening services have been combined, to provide longer trains and reduce the number of four-carriage services at peak times. We’ve also changed the stopping pattern of a number of other services, to relieve the existing overcrowding on some trains. To see if your train times have been changed see your new timetable here.

Thank you again for bearing with us whilst we’ve been sorting out some of these crowding issues. These alterations to the timetable are part one of the solution to the record levels of passenger demand that we’ve faced in the last few months, and we know that more carriages are the only long term solution. We have been working with industry partners and the Department for Transport to find a way to get them, and to do it this year, not wait.

We announced last month that we were able to secure 24 new carriages which will be delivered and enter service towards the end of the year.

Getting carriages in such a short timeframe is hard. It is not the speed our industry normally works at. We couldn’t have done it without the support provided by MPs, Councillors and the Department for Transport.

As well as all the people who wrote letters, made calls and came to meetings, you kept us clear about what you want, whilst understanding the practicalities of finding carriages. Thank you for your patience while we did this.

Whilst the new carriages are being built we will be carefully analysing travel patterns and working in detail with passenger user groups to ensure that the extra capacity will be added to services that need them most. We will announce which specific services will be benefit in the autumn.

Once all 24 new carriages are in service we will make further changes with a new timetable in December 2016 to take full advantage of the extra capacity and flexibility that the expected 1,500 extra seats provide us.

Lots of you have been asking what the specifications for the new rolling stock will be. To get the new carriages in at speed, we had to lease carriages already designed and that are part of a production run already being built. This means we don’t get to make all the decisions on specification.

However their British manufacturer, Bombardier, is being really helpful in working with us to try to flex the specification where possible to meet the needs of c2c passengers. We will keep you updated as these details are confirmed.

Thanks again for bearing with us; we will keep you up to date with developments as they occur. For more information on the changes take a look at our Reasons Behind the New Carriages and May Timetable or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

All the best,