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New carriages update with Dan Barrett, our Engineering Director

We’re showing you three short videos with Dan Barrett, our Engineering Director, to explain a bit more about the new carriages that will be added to our fleet later this year.

We are introducing six new trains to increase capacity at the end of the year. These units will be brand new, Class 387 carriages, straight off the Bombardier’s production line in Derby which benefit from 15 years in technological advances.

The new carriages are designed for long distance travel

They will be fitted with comfortable long distance seating, tables, the latest air-conditioning units, plug sockets for mobile devices and two toilets per four car unit.

After coming off the production line in Derby, the new carriages will be moved to Bletchley where they will undergo fault-free running for a 1500 miles. Once they have passed our stringent safety and reliability tests they will be moved to our East Ham depot, where they will be maintained.

The new carriages will bring benefits across the route

Before the new carriages arrive we will analyse the service demand across our route. Every carriage has weighing scales built-in which determine how many passengers get off and on at each station. Through analysing this data we will add these carriages to our existing rolling stock where it is needed most by extending the length of morning and evening peak trains.

We look forward to bringing you these new carriages from the end of Autumn 2016.