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Contactless travel

Using a contactless payment card to travel could save you time and money. Compared to Oyster, this method of payment offers several benefits:

  • No need to top-up
  • No need to carry around an Oyster card, just travel with your contactless card
  • Benefit from daily and Monday to Sunday capping (details explained below) 

How does this compare to  the TFL Oyster card?

You use your contactless card to travel just as you would on Oyster. You will be charged as per current pay as you go fares but you won't have to worry about running out of credit.

Oyster currently has a daily cap to prevent you from paying more than the daily limit (information can be found through the TfL website). Contactless also offers this, however it offers an additional benefit of capping your fares from Monday to Sunday.  

Rather than purchasing a weekly Travelcard ticket up front, you can travel on your Contactless card. If you spend more than the weekly Travelcard ticket, you will not be charged more for further trips. If you travel less during the week and spend less than the weekly season ticket, you will save the difference.

For further details on Contactless travel, information can be found through the TfL website.