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Student Smartcard Application

How do I apply?

It only takes five simple steps to apply for your Student Smartcard:

  1. Apply for your card in the form below.
  2. Create an online account using the same email address as your application.
  3. Your card will be delivered to your college. When you have picked up your card you will need to go to a special web portal to access your discount.
  4. Once you come to the special student portal enter your registered email address and last 8 digits of your c2c Smartcard to access your discount.
  5. When buying a ticket for the first time you will need to add the Smartcard to your account as a 'delivery method' to make sure the ticket is added to your Smartcard.

Photo advice

When you register for a c2c Smartcard you will need to submit a portrait photograph of your-self. Please make sure it's under 5MB and sized appropraitely. If you're unsure, check our 'how to resize' guide here.  

College details

c2c Smartcard details

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