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Smartcard FAQs

What tickets are available on the c2c Smartcard?

Daily Tickets Weekly Tickets Monthly and Longer Tickets Annual Tickets
Anytime Single Weekly Season Tickets Monthly Season Tickets Annual Season Tickets
Anytime Return Weekly Travelcards Monthly Travelcards Annual Travelcards
Travelcards   Period Season Tickets  
Off-Peak Return      

Can I use the c2c Smartcard for Pay as You Go travel?

You can’t ‘top up’ the c2c Smartcard for Pay as You Go travel in the way you can with the Oyster Card and must load a ticket or season ticket before you travel.

You can load up to five tickets onto the card, and can even load a Travelcard for journeys on Transport for London services (including the  Underground).

How do I upload my photo in the right shape and size?

The photo needs to be roughly the same size as a standard passport photo (35mm x 45mm).

The photo should be saved in either .jpg or .png format and should not exceed 4MB in size. When applying for the Smartcard our system will give you the option to create a crop and resize.

Can I get a Child (Under 16) ticket on a c2c Smartcard?

You cannot currently buy child tickets on the c2c Smartcard.

Can I view the tickets I buy at a self-service machine online?

You can view all tickets loaded onto your Smartcard on your c2c online account.

Tickets bought at a self-service machine will appear the day after purchase.

Can I buy tickets for my c2c Smartcard from London Underground or other train operator’s stations?

For the moment you can only purchase tickets for the c2c Smartcard from c2c online or from self-service machines at c2c stations.

Can I use my railcard discount when I buy tickets to load onto the c2c Smartcard?

Yes you can!

How many tickets can I store on my c2c Smartcard?

The c2c Smartcard can hold up to five tickets at a time.

I have a season ticket on my c2c Smartcard, do I need to carry my photocard with me?

If you are travelling on c2c you do not need to carry a separate photocard. If you travel on another operator’s service you may be asked by them to show a separate photocard.

Can more than one person travel using the same c2c Smartcard?

Your c2c Smartcard is personal to you, and only you can travel using the tickets loaded onto it.

If more than one person is travelling they each need their own c2c Smartcard or paper ticket.

Additionally, the c2c Smartcard is non-transferrable, so other people cannot borrow your smartcard when you are not using it.

I want to get off somewhere on the way, then catch a later train to complete my journey. Is this allowed using the c2c Smartcard?

The validity of your ticket is the same whether it is a paper ticket or is loaded onto a c2c Smartcard.  If your ticket type allows a break of journey then you are still able to do this when using a c2c Smartcard.

How do I find out when the tickets on my c2c Smartcard will expire?

You can view your stored ticket details by either:

What should I do if my c2c Smartcard has been lost or stolen?

If you lose your c2c Smartcard you must report it by calling 03457 44 44 22 (option 2) or let us know at any c2c ticket office so that we can cancel it to stop anyone else from using it.  Any monthly or longer tickets on your c2c Smartcard are protected against loss or theft, though an admin fee may be payable to replace your c2c Smartcard.

What should I do if my c2c Smartcard stops working?

If you believe your card is not working speak to a member of staff at any station who will be able to check your card for you.  If your c2c Smartcard needs to be replaced please visit any station ticket office, or call 03457 44 44 22 (option 2). Alternatively you can call our Customer Relations team on 0345 744 4422 (option 6). Lines are open 0800 - 2000 Monday to Friday and 0900 - 1600 on weekends and bank holidays.


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