c2c line status: Good service

c2c Social Media Policy

At c2c we strive to provide the highest level of customer service. We use Facebook and Twitter to engage with our customers and provide information and updates on journeys and services. We are also on Instagram @c2c_rail if you're looking for travel inspiration in London and South Essex. 

Our social media channels are monitored 24/7. We have a dedicated social media team who work between 0600 and 2200 from Monday to Friday. Outside of these core hours, including at weekends and on Bank Holidays, our social media accounts are monitored by the team at our control centre. They will still make every effort to respond to you, but during periods of disrupted service, they will be less active on Twitter. In such instances, you are advised to follow @NRE_c2c for live journey information.

Our Accounts

Our Twitter is a live feed of operational updates, travel advice and answers to your questions. The Facebook account gives you the latest offers and events along our line. Instagram is purely for for travel inspiration so if you want advice and operational updates then please contact us through Twitter or Facebook. 

While acted upon and responded to, complaints via social media are not officially logged. If you would like to make a formal complaint please contact Customer Relations.

We answer questions and queries via both Facebook and Twitter, but for live updates you should check Twitter.

Response Policy

  • During times of disruption we may not be able to respond to individual messages straight away due to the volume we receive. We focus on sending service updates and replying to time sensitive questions. 
  • Some questions will require us to consult other departments, if this occurs we will let you know but it will take us longer to reply so please bear with us. 
  • Sometimes we cannot explain something within the 140 characters Twitter allows. On these occasions we will ask you to direct message us or ask you to contact Customer Relations.
  • We do not discuss private or sensitive information over social media so may ask to take the conversation offline. 
  • Where we are uncertain about a particular issue, we may link in other third parties who may provide you with more information e.g. the British Transport Police or Network Rail.

We will respond to:

  • Clear questions about our current routes/timetable
  • General enquiries
  • Reports about our trains (cleanliness, heating, noises etc)

We may not respond to:

  • Vague/general statements 
  • Insults 
  • Repetitive aggression
  • Inappropriate comments
  • Repetitive questioning by an individual once original question has been replied to
  • An account which is believed to belong to a person using multiple accounts to reiterate a message – secondary accounts will be muted
  • If an account is blocked or muted we cannot discuss the reasons for this over social media the account holder will need to contact Customer Relations if they would like any further clarity in the decision.

House Rules

  • No obscene language or language that demonstrates discriminatory, racist, abusive or unlawful behaviour. We reserve the right to block such users as a result.
  • No hoax reports relating to your personal safety or the safety of others. We reserve the right to block such users as a result.
  • Please do not publish pictures of our staff, their names or their contact details on social media. If you would like to make a formal complaint about a member of staff, you can do so via our Customer Relations team.
  • No open advocacy of fare evasion. We take fare evasion seriously and will report any person who encourages it. 
  • Threatening/aggressive language or behavior towards c2c staff will be warned and then blocked. 

If you are found to breach the house rules you will be warned, if it happens a second time you will be blocked from our social media accounts for a three month period.