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Spark Your Creativity in Soho

This experience is weatherproof. Join a two-hour journey to experience Soho’s creative vibe and spark your own creativity. There are three parts of the experience (1) Creative Soho (2) Creative DNA and (3) Creative Community.

In part 1, we will experience creative Soho via the sense of seeing, touching and hearing.
In part 2, we visit places to discover what shaped the creative DNA of Soho.
In part 3, after a tea/coffee break, we will hear some real issues Soho communities face and explore how to deal with them using creativity.

The experience is designed for individuals, couples, families or groups. In two hours, we engage our senses, pick up a few techniques, solve a community challenge.


Wednesday and Friday 11.00-13.00.

Opening times may vary. Please check website for details.


Adult: £20

Phone Number

07840 159180

Posted on December 17 2019

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