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Power, Purse and People of the City

This fun experience explores everyday life in the City of London from Roman times to the present, through a search for dragons.

Roman Age – Entertainment: Going to a bloody party. Viking Age – Wealth: Want to get rich super fast? Medieval Ages – Food: Shopping as a ‘good’ woman. Victorian Age – Travel: Dare to ride a steam-horse underground? Modern Age – Community: Modern living above the city.

I also provide two maps about London to give you an overview of its history and cultures: a cultural hub map and a historical landmark map. London’s dragons are on statues and murals, hidden in temples, markets, galleries, pubs, underground stations and on streets & bridges. It’s a unique way to experience London’s everyday life through the ages. The experience is designed for individuals, couples, families or groups. Are you looking for an engaging and educational experience to understand London in breadth and depth? Come on a London Dragon Hunt!


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11.00-13.00

Closed Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

Opening times may vary. Please check website for details.




Adult: £20

Phone Number

07840 159180

Posted on August 28 2019

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