Dear customer,

We are very sorry for the disruption to your journey home yesterday evening. This followed a tragic incident when a person was hit by a train between Upminster and Barking stations. This article is intended to provide you with more information about how we managed the event and the effect it had on your journey home.

If you were delayed for more that 15 minutes, you will be able to claim Delay Repay compensation:

  • If you travel using the c2c Smartcard and tapped in at the start and end of your journey, this compensation will be added to your account automatically and you do not need to take any action. However we recommend you check your online account to ensure this reflects the actual delay to your journey; if you feel it does not then you can use your app to correct the automatic system or alternatively submit a manual claim
  • If you travel using a paper ticket, Oyster or Contactless payment, or did not tap your Smartcard, you can submit a manual Delay Repay claim here

What happened?

Shortly after 16.00, the driver of a service from Southend reported their train had struck someone. As a result, both c2c and District Line services between Barking and Upminster were suspended while the emergency services, Network Rail and c2c staff managed the incident. The c2c train was moved from the scene shortly after 18.00, but disruption to services continued until the end of the day.

How did we manage the disruption?

While the line was closed, some services to and from Southend were diverted to run non-stop via the Rainham line and resume their scheduled journey at Pitsea. We also introduced shuttle train services between Grays and Upminster via Ockendon, and between Pitsea and Upminster via Basildon. Other services were cancelled due to the limited capacity available on the diversionary route.

We also arranged for c2c tickets to be accepted on Greater Anglia services, relevant London Overground and London Underground routes, and the local London bus network.

Once the line reopened, there was significant disruption for several hours as both trains and their drivers were out-of-place. We ran as many services as possible to help customers get home.

In total 96 trains were cancelled, part-cancelled or delayed as a result of this incident.

We are very sorry for the disruption caused to your journey. As with all significant incidents affecting c2c, a full internal review will be undertaken to identify improvements we can make to our service during future disruption.

The team at c2c