Dear customer,

We are very sorry for the delays that you faced to your commute yesterday evening.

This was as a result of a fire alarm sounding at the Upminster signalling centre at 17:15 which meant all c2c and Network Rail staff had to be evacuated. All trains had to come to a standstill while the Fire Brigade established why the alarm was sounding.

Within 30 minutes, staff had been cleared to re-enter the building and trains started to run from 17:48. with most services running 30 to 40 minutes late.

If you were delayed you may be eligible for compensation. Please see below for more details about how to claim for the money you are owed.

Compensation for delays

If you were delayed you will be eligible for compensation for each journey. Find out more about the different tiers of compensation we offer based on the length of your delay here.

  • c2c smartcard users: If you tapped your Smartcard at both ends of your journey, you will receive automatic compensation. However we recommend you check your online account to ensure our automatic payments reflect the actual delay to your journey, especially if you delayed tapping your card in at the start of the journey. If you feel your delay is not fully reflected, you can use your online account to correct the automatic system. Alternatively you can submit a manual claim on this occasion.
  • Paper ticket holders, Oyster and contactless card users: Please fill out your details on this online delay repay form to claim your compensation.