Rail ticket prices across the country have changed.

As with previous years, the changing price of all commuter fares is dictated by the Government’s national fares and franchising policy. This sets out that fares should rise by RPI inflation – which this year is 3.2%. At c2c our average change in fares this year is lower, at 2.6%.

The extra money from fares pays for investment in c2c and other rail lines. At c2c we are spending millions of pounds on new trains and refurbished stations. At the same time, we also operate the UK’s most punctual commuter service and offer the country’s best compensation for delays.

We have also significantly increased how much money we pay back to the government, which is now over a million pounds every week higher than compared with five years ago.

This money paid by c2c helps fund Network Rail and other rail investment. That investment supports economic growth, both locally in south Essex and east London, and across the country.

We’ve created a guide to the updated prices for journeys from each station to central London here:

2019 fares to London