How do I buy and load tickets onto a c2c Smartcard?

You can buy tickets online or at a self-service machine at the station

For buying tickets online:

Search with ‘only fares that can be loaded onto an ITSO Smartcard’. Then choose ‘load ticket onto c2c Smartcard’ in the Delivery Details section. For seasons, your photocard is the last 8 digits of your Smartcard. It takes two hours before your ticket registers, so leave time before travelling.

Buy at self-service machine

At the station you can only buy your tickets from the station ticket vending machine. Hold your c2c Smartcard on the reader then select and purchase the ticket that you want. After you’ve purchased the ticket hold your c2c Smartcard on the reader again to load the ticket onto the card. Instructions will be displayed on the machine to help guide you.

standard-tickets-white.svg Buy tickets