Flexi-Season FAQs

What is Flexi-Season?

Flexi-Season gives great savings compared to daily tickets for customers who travel regularly. When you buy a Flexi-Season, 10 individual tickets will be added to your c2c Smartcard, with each ticket valid for unlimited travel between two stations for a full day. The tickets are valid for travel on any day up to 26 weeks after purchase, giving you the flexibility to choose when to use them.

On the days that you travel in off-peak times we will credit your c2c online account (the one that’s linked to your Smartcard) with an eVoucher worth 10% of the cost of that day’s ticket. If you use your Flexi-Season ticket on Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday, your online account will be credited with the difference in price between the cost of that day’s Flexi-Season ticket travel and that of a Weekend Off-Peak Day Return.

How does the Flexi-Season work?

At the start of each day’s travel, when you tap in, one ticket will be deducted from your Flexi-Season ticket balance. For example, when you buy a Flexi-Season 10 tickets are loaded onto your c2c Smartcard, if you travel on two days during the first week two tickets will be deducted and you will still have eight tickets left to use.

Where can I use the Flexi-Season?

You can use a Flexi-Season for travel between any two nominated stations on the c2c route. Each day you use the Flexi-Season you get unlimited travel for that day between those two stations, and can even stop off to break your journey at any of the stations in between. The Flexi-Season is a c2c-only product, and is not valid on London Underground or any other Train Operating Company.

Where can I load the Flexi-Season onto my c2c Smartcard?

You can load your Flexi-Season bundle onto your c2c Smartcard by touching it at the ticket gates of the station that you chose when buying. When you tap in your first ticket in the bundle will also be activated. You cannot currently load a Flexi-Season at any station that accepts Oyster Pay as You Go travel (i.e. stations between Grays/Upminster and Fenchurch Street), but you can use a Flexi-Season to travel to these stations if you have loaded the ticket somewhere else.

Is there an expiry date on Flexi-Season tickets?

Each Flexi-Season bundle of 10 tickets is valid for 26 weeks from purchase, any remaining tickets that you haven’t used within this time will expire. However, if you purchase another Flexi-Season between the same two stations we will extend the validity of any unused tickets by another 26 weeks.  

How do I buy a Flexi-Season ticket?

It’s easy to buy a Flexi-Season, however you will need to make sure you’re set up with a c2c Smartcard and online account before you do. If you’ve not done this just visit our c2c Smartcard page and follow steps 1 to 4.

Once you have your Smartcard linked to your online account simply sign in to your account, click on Flexi-Season on the menu bar, and search for the ticket that you want to buy.

How many tickets can I buy at one time?

You can load one Flexi Season Ticket (10 daily passes) at a time onto your c2c Smartcard. 

Who do I contact for help/problems using the Flexi-Season ticket?

If you have any problems with your Flexi-Season, our Customer Relations team will be happy to help. You can contact them through our web form, by emailing contact@c2crail.co.uk, by calling 0345 744 4422 (option 2) or messaging our twitter team @c2c_Rail.

How will this benefit me?

If you travel between two stations on the c2c route on more than 10 occasions every 26 weeks, it is likely that a Flexi-Season will save you money compared to buying individual daily tickets. This might not always be the case (for instance if you have a railcard that is valid at the time you normally travel), so please speak to a member of our Customer Relations team if you have any questions about your individual circumstances.

How do you calculate the credit I will receive for travelling off-peak?

If on one of the days that you use a Flexi-Season ticket you only travel off-peak, we will credit the c2c online account linked to your Smartcard with an eVoucher worth 10% of the cost of that day’s travel. If you use your Flexi-Season ticket on Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday, your online account will be credited with the difference in price between the cost of that day’s Flexi-Season ticket travel and that of a Weekend Off-Peak Day Return. eVouchers are credited to your account approximately 10 days after the date of your journey. Please note that you must always tap in and tap out to receive this reward.

As an example, if you bought a Flexi-Season for £150, the cost for each day’s travel is £15. If you travel off-peak one day you will therefore receive an eVoucher of £1.50. If you travel at the weekend you will generally receive an eVoucher of around £4.88.

When will I receive my credit for travelling off-peak?

The eVoucher will normally be credited to your c2c online account within 10 days of your journey.

How do I find out how many daily tickets are left on my Flexi-Season?

If you would like to know how many tickets are left on your Flexi-Season ticket, just log in to your c2c-online account. Details of your Flexi-Season can be found by clicking the Flexi-Season tab on the top menu bar.

How do I find out how long I have until my Flexi-Season expires?

To find out when your Flexi-Season is due to expire log in to your c2c online account. Details of your Flexi-Season can be found by clicking the Flexi-Season tab on the top menu bar.

How will my Flexi-Season work with other products on my c2c Smartcard?

If you have more than one product on your c2c Smartcard simply tap in and out at the start/end of your journey to make sure that the correct product is used.  

Can I break my journey?

Just like a regular season ticket, you can break your journey at any of the stations between your Flexi-Season ticket’s origin and destination station.  

What happens if I don't tap in/out with my c2c Smartcard?

It’s really important that you tap in and out when you are travelling with a c2c Smartcard. If you don’t tap in at the start of your journey your Flexi-Season won’t be activated and so you won’t have a valid ticket, this means that you could get a penalty fare. If you don’t tap out there’s a chance that the wrong product will be used. Also, you need to tap in and out to be eligible for any credit for travelling off-peak, and to receive any Automatic Delay Repay payments that you may be due.

What happens if I can’t tap in because the gateline is out of operation?

Firstly, please make sure a member of staff knows that the gateline is not in operation before you start your journey. Once we are aware we will send a message to all of our ticket inspectors and stations and let you travel without tapping in. If ticket inspectors aren’t aware that the barrier is out of operation you may receive a penalty fare for not tapping in, so please make sure that you tell a member of staff before travelling. Once you have finished your journey your Flexi-Season ticket will be activated when you tap out at your destination station.

If I decide not to travel after going through the gates, will a ticket be deducted for the day?

If you decide not to travel due to disruption or delays you can claim a full refund for the cost of that day’s ticket. If there are no delays but you decide not to travel anyway you can still request a refund, however an admin fee will be payable. Either way, make sure you tap out when leaving the station so that we can verify you did not travel, then get in touch with our Customer Relations team who can process your refund.

I have a Railcard, can I get a further discount on a Flexi-Season?

No. The Flexi-Season is designed to be an alternative to regular season tickets for customers who don’t need to travel every day. As Railcard discounts are not valid on regular season tickets they can’t be applied to Flexi-Season tickets either. This means that for some people it will still be cheaper to buy individual tickets depending on the type of Railcard you have and the time that you travel.

I am travelling with a friend, can we use two Flexi-Season tickets from the same c2c Smartcard?

The c2c Smartcard and the products loaded onto it are non-transferrable. Only the person named on the c2c Smartcard is able to use it and anyone else travelling must have their own ticket or smartcard.

There are replacement bus services in operation, how do I use my Flexi-Season?

To activate your ticket please touch your c2c Smartcard on the barrier at the station before you board the bus.