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Compensation for disruption on 22 and 23 February

Please note c2c Smartcard holders do not need to make a claim. If you had a Weekly, Monthly or Annual Season ticket on either 22 or 23 February you will be compensated automatically on or around March 16.

For paper ticket holders, if you held a valid season ticket for travel on either 22 or 23 February you will be entitled to claim for 50% of the cost of a single journey. This is additional to any compensation you are already entitled to under our established Delay Repay scheme and Automatic Delay Repay scheme for c2c Smartcard holders.

In order to be eligible you must have held a Weekly, Monthly, or longer period, season ticket on either of the two days.

You can make a claim by filling out the form below. You will receive your compensation as a personalised letter sent to your home address which can be exchanged for cash at any c2c ticket office. Once we have received a claim, we aim to process and respond within 28 days.

The claim period will run from Monday 6 March to the afternoon of Monday 3 April 2017.

To claim for your compensation, please enter your details in the form below and attach one of the following:

  • Weekly, Monthly, Annual ticket (not on c2c Smartcard) - attach a photo/scan of your ticket and photocard.
  • Oyster season ticket - attach a photo/scan of your TfL journey history printout. This can be printed from a TfL ticket machine if you have an Oyster Card, or from your TfL online account if your card/device is registered.


Please ensure that both your ticket and photocard are uploaded in the attachment within your application.

Personal details

Season ticket details

I confirm that I am making a claim against a season ticket that was valid for travel on either the 22 or 23 February, and that the details above are correct to the best of my knowledge.