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Our policies

From the promises in our Passenger’s Charter to our commitment to making sure that you pay the right price for you ticket here are our c2c policies.

Passenger’s Charter

Our Passenger’s Charter is our commitment to the service that you can expect to receive when you travel with c2c.

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Right Ticket Right Price commitment

This is our commitment to ensuring you get the lowest price for your journeys for tickets purchased through our c2c retail channels.

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Social Media policy

Everything you need to know about using our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Filming conditions policy

If you’re looking to film on c2c trains and stations then find out everything you need to know on our filming conditions and policy page. 

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Environment policies

We strive for environmental excellence and have a series of carbon reduction programs in place. You can find out more on our environment and energy targets, plus our pledges, on our environment policies page.  

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Privacy policy

Please read our privacy policy to carefully to understand how we may use any personal information that we collect from you.

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