c2c line status: Good service

Service Disruption Information - 09 March 2016

SORRY for the Severe Disruption to c2c services, Wednesday 09 March 2016.

Dear Customer

I really am very sorry for the severe disruption to, and cancellation of c2c services this morning, 09 March 2016. This was due to two separate, and unconnected incidents: firstly two obstructions on the overhead power lines near East Ham causing complete loss of power to all lines from Tilbury to West Ham. Secondly a track engineer's train failed between Pitsea and Leigh-on-Sea, blocking the line at start of service.

I realise this made for a horrible morning for you and everyone else and I am really very sorry for this.

You can find out about how to claim compensation for your delay on our Delay Repay page. 

Julian Drury
Managing Director