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Travel with Smart Cards

More than 30,000 commuters in Essex can transform how they buy their tickets from today as the new “c2c Smart” card became available for all types of season tickets for journeys into London.

c2c Smart, which is an ITSO smart card, is the Government’s pilot project for introducing smart tickets for all London train operators under the South East Flexible Ticketing (SEFT) programme.

c2c Smart is now available for every type of season ticket bought by Essex-based passengers. Regular commuters have been switching to c2c Smart for journeys outside of London since the summer, with the scheme extended into London’s Fenchurch Street station last month. For the first time today, Essex commuters whose season tickets include a London travelcard can replace their paper tickets with c2c Smart. They can now use this to travel on c2c and Transport for London services, including the tube and buses, within the zone their ticket covers.

c2c Smart will be compatible with other ITSO-based cards in future, such as Southern’s Key card, as the technology is rolled out across all train operators in the South East. This means rail passengers will be able to travel across London and the South East using a single smart card, rather than on paper tickets.
Rail Minister Baroness Kramer said: "Smart ticketing goes a long way in giving passengers a better experience, providing greater choice and security and making it easier to get around. I congratulate c2c on achieving this important milestone.

"The government and the industry are working hard together to build a more efficient public transport network to benefit all users and to support a stronger economy. That's why more than £38bn will be invested in the rail network over the next five years to bring in new trains and new services.”
c2c Managing Director Julian Drury said: “We know c2c Smart will be very popular with Essex commuters, and we expect thousands will switch to the cards in the next few months. Customers will benefit straight away by beating the queues and saving themselves five valuable minutes of their day. In the future they'll get even more benefits from c2c Smart, as it will allow us to provide automatic compensation for delayed trains and discounts for those who choose to travel outside the peak.”
TfL’s Director of Customer Experience, Shashi Verma, said: “We want to make travelling in London as quick and convenient as possible for all of our customers so we are delighted to have worked on equipping London for accepting ITSO and with c2c to bring Travelcards to their smartcard.”
SEFT Programme Manager Andrew Keating said, “This next step in c2c’s smart card scheme illustrates how rail companies, TfL and government are working together to deliver smart technology to passengers across the South East rail network through the SEFT programme. As we further develop and roll-out smart ticketing, we will provide a major upgrade to a system that’s been around for over 30 years, and passengers can look forward to replacing their paper ticket with modern technology with all the benefits that it brings”

Local MPs John Baron and Jackie Doyle-Price have already collected their c2c Smart cards. John Baron, MP for Basildon and Billericay, said: “This c2c Smart card is an excellent initiative which will make commuters lives much easier. Well done to the team.”
The c2c Smart card improves passengers’ journeys by being:

  • Quicker: Passengers can beat the queue by buying in advance online as well as at the station. They can collect their new ticket simply by touching in with their c2c Smart card at their local c2c station
  • Easier: Passengers no longer need to get their paper tickets out to operate the gates
  • Secure: Monthly and longer season tickets are protected if passengers lose their card
  • Durable: c2c Smart tickets are more reliable than current paper tickets, and will last longer
  • Compact: Passengers will be able to load up to five different tickets on their c2c Smart cards in future

Over 6,500 journeys have already been made using c2c Smart cards. This week more than 1,000 journeys were made on c2c Smart cards within a week for the first time.

The smart ticketing back office, consisting of the HOPS (Host Operator or Processing System), CMS (Card Management System) and an easy-to-use customer portal, are all supplied by ACT. The company also provided back office integration with Cubic gate validators, Scheidt & Bachmann ticket vending machines, Atos ticket issuing system and the TfL HOPS to create a customised end-to-end solution.


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