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Hero fares - Find the best ticket for you

Whether you're a regular traveller on c2c trains or looking to take a day trip to one of the destinations along our route, here are c2c we want to make sure you have the best value ticket for your journey. That's why this month we are promoting our 'Hero Fares' - simplifying what tickets are available to you and where there are savings to be made. 

Leisure traveller? 

Day trips, weekend trips, coffee morning trips, adventurous trips, trips out with mates, trips out late. Whatever your reason for taking a trip we have a range of great value ticket options to take you there. Pick the best one for you. 


Whether you're on the nine to five, working part time, a shift worker or taking regular business trips, we have a range of tickets to suit your travel patterns. Find the best one for you below.