c2c line status: Good service

Apology for disruption 18 & 19 January

Dear customer,

We are very sorry indeed for the severe disruption to your train services both yesterday and this morning, and the very unpleasant journeys that many of you had as a result.
Yesterday's disruption was caused by a long section of plastic sheeting becoming ensnared on a train, as you can see from this picture. This both damaged the train and more importantly also ripped down some of the overhead power line. This meant no trains could run on the Ockendon route until our colleagues from Network Rail had repaired the power lines, which of course was a challenging task in the high winds, and was only completed in the early hours of this morning.
In a separate incident, last night at 21.00 all power was lost between Pitsea and Grays, which meant we were unable to run trains in this section of the line either. Network Rail staff have been working since to repair the infrastructure and return power to the line, and we resumed our service at 14.00 this afternoon.
We realise this meant many people have endured horrible journeys in the past two days and we are sorry for this.
If you were affected, you may be entitled to compensation for your delay. You can find details of how to claim online here.
Julian Drury
Managing Director