Travel safe and avoid contact with a c2c Smartcard

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Why use a Smartcard

The c2c Smartcard is a faster, easier and safer way to buy, renew and travel with a train ticket. Made from durable plastic, Smartcards are easy to wipe clean and because you can manage it online you can avoid unnecessary contact with others at the station – helping you with social-distancing.

Order a Smartcard online

It only takes a moment to order a new Smartcard online. If you don’t have a c2c account you can set one up today.

Once we’ve approved your photo, we’ll have it out to you in the post within three working days. A full step by step ‘getting started with Smartcard’ guide is available further down this page.

Order a Smartcard online

Register a Smartcard

You can now ask for an unregistered Smartcard at the station ticket office. If you have picked one up from one of our stations, or received a blank Smartcard in the post from us, you’ll need to set up an online account and register your card to get all the benefits – and buy future tickets online to avoid the station queues. If you don’t have an account with us, you can set one up today and register your new Smartcard in the Smartcard section of your account.  

Register a new Smartcard

What tickets are available on Smartcard?

All of our most popular ticket types are now available on Smartcard. This includes most Daily tickets with Railcards, all Season tickets, and Flexi-Season tickets, which are ideal if you’re not sure how often you’ll be travelling. See what other tickets are available on Smart here

If for any reason you need a refund, it’s easier on Smartcard than paper – so you’ll get your money back much faster. If your card is lost or stolen your tickets are protected in your online account.

Manage your Smartcard in the c2c Train Travel app

It’s easier than ever to manage your Smartcard and buy tickets when you use our brand new and improved c2c Train Travel app. Find out more.


Automatic Delay Repay

Train delayed by more than two minutes? Bye-bye, delay forms! Simply tap in and out with your Smartcard whenever you travel to receive Automatic Delay Repay, directly into your online account.

Find out more


Loyalty rewards

Join our free Smartcard Loyalty scheme and collect Loyalty Points for your journeys that add up to money off future c2c tickets. Even more rewards are available for Annual Season Ticket holders.

Find out more


Flexi-Season tickets

Not sure of your travel patterns? Try a Flexi-Season, a bundle of 10 tickets to use whenever you like within 6 months. Each ticket allows unlimited travel that day between the c2c station you’re travelling to and from. Please note that you cannot add a London Travelcard to a Flexi-Season ticket.

Find out more


Student Smartcards

Are you a student aged 16+ studying in a college in South Essex? Get ⅓ off when you buy a Weekly, Term-time, Monthly or Annual Season ticket on your c2c Smartcard.

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Save time, buy online and avoid any queues at the station



Lost your ticket? Worry not. Monthly (and longer) tickets are protected.



Re-usable plastic lasts a lot longer than paper and can be wiped clean.

Getting started with Smartcard

It's really easy to order a free c2c Smartcard, and set up an online account, just follow this step-by-step guide below

Step 1

Order your free Smartcard online

Register for an account, or login if you have one. Once in your account navigate to manage your Smartcards in ‘My Smartcards’, where you can order your free c2c Smartcard online. You’ll need a passport photo ready to upload.

Order your card here

Step 2

Your Smartcard will arrive in 3 days

It will take three working days before you receive your new Smartcard by First Class post.

Step 3a

Buy tickets online or with the c2c Train Travel app

Simply search for the ticket you want online. If you buy two hours ahead of departure you’ll be able to tap in  straight at the gates – if under two hours then go to the ticket machine at the station to activate your ticket before travelling.

Buy Online

Step 3b

Buy at self-service machine

At the station you can only buy Weekly or Monthly season tickets onto Smartcard using the ticket machine. Hold your c2c Smartcard on the reader then select and purchase the season ticket that you want. After you’ve purchased the ticket, hold your c2c Smartcard on the reader again to load the ticket onto the card. Instructions will be displayed on the machine to help guide you.

Step 4

Touch In

Make sure to hold your Smartcard on the gateline or free-standing reader for a good few seconds to activate your ticket. If you bought a ticket online 2 hours ahead of travel the ticket will automatically be loaded onto your Smartcard when you touch in at the gates.

Step 5

Touch out

Touch-out by holding your Smartcard on the gateline or free-standing reader. This way we can make sure you’re compensated for any delays automatically.

Switching monthly or longer paper season tickets onto Smart

If you travel with us from outside Oyster/Contactless area then it’s worth switching your monthly (or longer) paper season ticket to a Smartcard. You don’t have to wait to renew.  Follow this easy step-by-step guide:

Switch from paper to Smart

Can I use my Smartcard on the underground?

Yes, if you have a ticket with a London zones Travelcard loaded on your Smartcard, then you can tap in and out at TfL’s Oyster card readers and ticket gates, at Overground stations, and on London buses. Want to know how to add a Travelcard to your ticket when buying tickets? Find out here:

Adding a Travelcard

c2c Smartcard help

What tickets can I get on a c2c Smartcard?

Ticket types that can be added to a c2c Smartcard online are some Daily tickets, Seasons (Weekly, Monthly, Odd Period and Yearly), and Flexi-Season tickets. You can see a full breakdown of tickets that you can put on your Smartcard here.

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c2c Smartcard FAQs

Have a question about your Smartcard? Check these commonly asked Smartcard questions and we might have the answer you're looking for in the c2c Smartcard FAQs

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c2c Smartcard enquiry

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in our FAQs, email contact@c2crail.net

c2c Smartcard terms & conditions

To see the full terms and conditions around using c2c Smartcard you can read our terms and conditions here.

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