c2c's target is a minimum of 99% for reliability and a minimum of 90.5% for punctuality.



Exclusions - 4 weeks from 2nd March 2014 to 31st March 2014

  • 03-Mar, Passenger taken ill at Barking
  • 14-Mar, Trespasser near Barking
  • 14-Mar, Fog on the route
  • 28-Mar, Fatality between West Ham and Barking
  • 31-Mar, Ill passenger at Barking

No void days have been declared this period.


MAA - Moving Annual Average

c2c's target is a minimum of 99% for reliability and a minimum of  95% for punctuality. If we fall below trigger levels of 98% for reliability or 87.5% for punctuality, discounts apply.

The punctuality figures cover peak services only and the reliability figures cover all day Mondays to Fridays. Incidents totally outside railway control (e.g. weather, vandalism and emergency services requests) are excluded.