We are the first mainline train operator in the UK to introduce this regenerative breaking system.



357 210 passes Hadleigh Castle

c2c’s Environmental Management and Energy Management is externally certificated by LRQA to ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO50001 Energy Management Systems.

Waste Management Chart - 2014  

88% of all waste collected was recycled in (June) Period 6 2014.


We are aiming to recycle on average 95% and are therefore target those station highlighted with action plans to achieve this.


The station waste recycling for June was 88% and the MAA dropped to 92%.


June 2014 depot recycling was 98% maintaining an MAA of 97%. July data not yet available.

Fleet Energy Use

c2c is committed to reducing it’s impact on the environment. We use a lot of electricity to power our trains but are always looking at ways to reduce it and hence improve our ‘Carbon Footprint’. In 2006 we were one of the first train operators to install ‘regenerative braking’ to their entire fleet. This allows trains that are braking to generate electricity that is then used by other trains. Recent improvements to this system have reduced our ‘Carbon Footprint’ to an average of 37g CO2 / Passenger kilometre.

This compares with a ‘small car’ figure of 100g CO2/pKm * – another reason to travel  with c2c.

*Source: Transportdirect.info